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140 low-fat recipes

The Mediterranean Diet:
the pleasure of a wholesome and easy food

It's need to know that not all fats are equals. Actually are harmful to the body the saturated fats such as butter, lard, sausages and more.

The saturated fats, besides to increase the cholesterol in the blood, may favor the onset of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
It's important in every situation, also the elimination of animal fats, those visible in particular.

Some fats, especially the unsaturated vegetable oils such as extra virgin olive oil uncooked, they have beneficial effects to carry out an important role for our body with a imput of "vitamin E", by strengthening the HDL cholesterol level, the so-called "good cholesterol" and LDL lowering, the so-called "bad cholesterol".

We hope that these recipes will help you not to give up the culinary delights, while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.
The healthy food consumption keeps young people.
Enjoy your meal!

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